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Chocolate Muesli Bars. Шоколадні Батончики-Мюслі.

muesliCHM 2sm

The days became longer, and we became more active. You are quite active? Right 😉

With spending more energy we need extra snack or two, and, hopefully, the healthy option, to keep our batteries recharged.

Unlike the bars from my Protein Bars collections, the bars, I offer you today, don’t have any whey protein powder in them. The Muesli Bars contain a variety of nuts and seeds that provide protein. If you watch your protein consumption carefully and need to rich a certain amount of protein per day, you might want to add the whey protein (or vegan option) to fulfill your needs. Simply add 60 to 90 grams of protein supplement to the recipe and reduce the oat amount from 240 grams to about 200 grams. Also, if using a flavored protein powder, make sure to reduce the amount of honey (or maple syrup) and be careful not to add too many dried fruits so your bars don’t become too sweet. Unless, you prefer a really sweet snack.

The artificial sweeteners, used in protein and other sport supplements, require a separate topic in my blog. I do have my own opinion about them. Being short,  I’ve cut down consuming foods that contain sucralose. As of today, my best choice would be an unflavored protein powder.

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