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One Month Sugar Detox: 3 Cold Turkey Days. Один Місяць Детоксу Від Цукру: 3 Перші Дні.

sugar detox

OK, today is day 6 of my one month sugar detox. You can read the reason why I’ve started sugar detox over here. I wanted to share with you my first three-day-experience a couple days ago but, to be honest, the fourth and fifth days were the worst ones so far. I had low energy and felt fatigued the whole day. To be positive, I think they are going to be the hardest days in the month. I don’t see any reasons why there should be other difficult days like these ones. We’ll see.

So, today, I am sharing with you my first three days of the detox, the cold turkey days, what I ate, how I felt, and what changes had happened to my body.

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Today is the Day. Сьогодні є Той День.

Working as fitness nutritionist for about a year now, I can tell with a certainty that a big part of being a nutritionist is being a psychologist. In order to help people, I have to listen carefully to what they have to say. Usually, people have to say a lot. What bothers them, what they want to achieve, what makes them happy, what makes them upset, what changes they have tried so far in their diets and how it didn’t work. Also, they share with me their family and work issues. Here I listen carefully too. Both, family and work make a huge impact on client’s success.

As a trainer, I can teach my clients how to eat properly according to their goals but it is up to them to provide the knowledge they’ve just received into life. During the program, I meet the client on a regular basis to track the progress and make the corrections that need to be done. I provide the support and motivation the client requires to continue with his/her health journey. For the 8 weeks clients are under my wing but what happens next? How to continue being successful, when there is no trainer around? Or, maybe, you haven’t even hired a trainer because you want to lose fat on your own. How to be successful here?

In this article, I want to share with you the most important, in my opinion, principle of achieving success in your fat loss voyage. Nothing new here. It is a well known fact, and Dale Carnegie wrote a whole book, based on it, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.

From nature, people are impatient. If we want results, we want them instantly. Often clients come to me with a question, “What should I do to lose ___ lb ASAP?” These clients want a quick fix. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. If it is, it’s unhealthy.

Good thing, I see more people who don’t mind to wait for their results, since they understand they cannot get into the best shapes of their lives overnight, after eating unhealthy for years.

Yes, that’s the way to go, be patient! The road to getting fitter and healthier body is a rocky road. One week you get a good result, another week not so good, or even bad. And here they come,


Will I get there? Can I do it? Is the program right for me? Should I quit?

People worry a lot. Carnegie was right in his studies. So, what to do in order to stop worries and continue with the (nutrition/training) program and see so much wanted results?

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3 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Start Losing Weight. 3 Прості Кроки на Шляху до Кращої Фігури

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tips to lose weight


Are you trying to lose weight? Or, maybe, you’ve lost it already and trying to keep it off?

I am sure, the next 3 tips will help you either way.

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Food is not just a fuel. Ні, їжа- це НЕ паливо

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Yesterday I’ve received an e-mail, newsletter, from Dr. John Berardi (, which had an article in it, No, food is NOT a fuel.

This catches your attention, right? Many of us, including me, used to think about food as fuel. I often put hashtags to my Instagram posts, like #foodfuel, #foodforfuel, #bodyfuel etc. Now, I’ll think twice, before doing it.

“Food is so much more than “fuel” or “energy” or “calories””, -Dr. John Berardi

According to the article, food is information that our bodies receive while eating. Once the information is received, our bodies, depending on their needs, have to decide what to do with just added micronutrients, phytochemicals, zoochemicals, water and more. Please note, there weren’t just calories that our bodies took in with food.

So, we cannot rely on food as just a calorie source. After your workout, you might refill your calorie deficit with oatmeal cookie, for example. How about replenishing mineral deficiency? Will oatmeal cookie cover it? Certainly, not!

While having a post-workout meal, many of us think about getting calorie wise refill.

“This may be one reason why vitamin and mineral deficiencies are extremely common. When we only think of food as fuel, it’s easy to forget that we’re eating for other reason too”, – Dr. Jon Berardi

The fact is, minerals don’t provide calories. So, they cannot be called fuel, for sure. The other fact is, each cell in your body needs certain minerals to function properly. Your body tissues and organs require minerals too. With mineral deficiency you become ill.

By being information, food sends messages to our bodies. The message might be to release a certain hormone or to stop it, for example. How the messages get interpreted is greatly affected by our bodies conditions and our environments.

So, next time, choose your post-workout meal wisely. Empty calories wouldn’t do any good. In your diet, watch for Magnesium, Calcium, Folate and vitamin E consumption, since these are the most common mineral deficiencies. Also, think positive. This affects your digestion as well.

My post was inspired by article No, food is NOT a fuel, written by John Berardi, Brian St. Pierre, and Krista Scott-Dixon.


chia pudding

Вчора я отримала цікавого листа електронною поштою від доктора наук Джона Берарді (John Berardi), в якому було три статті про харчування. Одна з них називалася Ні, їжа- це НЕ паливо (No, food is NOT a fuel).

Заголовок одразу привернув мою увагу. Адже я неодноразово даю такі хештеги до свого Інстаграм, як #foodfuel, #foodforfuel, #bodyfuel та інші.

“Їжа- це набагато більше чим просто “паливо”, “енергія” чи “калорії” “, – Джон Берарді

Відповідно до статті, їжа- це інформація, яку отримує наше тіло, коли ми їмо. Як тільки інформація надійшла, наше тіло, в залежності від наших потреб, вирішує, що робити з отриманими водою, мікро-, фітохімічними та зоохімічними поживними речовинами. Ви усвідомлюєте, що з їжею в наш організм надходять не тільки калорії? Правда ж.

Тому, не варто розглядати їжу тільки як джерело калорій. Після тренування ви можете відновити дефіцит калорій за допомогою вівсяного печення, наприклад. А чи вдасться вам відновити дефіцит мінералів? Чи зарадить цьому вівсяне печення? Сумніваюсь.

Як приходить час поїсти після тренування, ми часто орієнтуємося на затрачені щойно калорії.

“Це може бути однією з причин, чому дефіцит мінералів або вітамінів зустрічається так часто. Якщо ми розглядаємо їжу тільки як паливо, ми забуваємо, що їмо ще й для інших потреб”, – Джон Берарді

Факт: мінерали не постачають калорій. Відповідно, ми не можемо називати їх паливом. Але існує ще один факт: без мінералів не виживе жодна з клітин нашого тіла. З нестачею мінералів ми хворіємо.

Їжа- це інформація, яка посилає повідомлення нашому організму. Повідомлення можуть бути різноманітні. Наприклад, активація чи деактивація певних залоз. Інтерпретація повідомлень в значній мірі залежить від стану нашого організму та нашого оточення.

Наступний раз, як будете відновлювати сили після тренування, обирайте вашу їжу розважливо. Пусті калорії не принесуть вам користі. Слідкуйте за споживанням магнію, кальцію, фолієвої кислоти та вітаміну Е. Саме вони найчастіше бувають у дефіциті.

На цей пост мене підштовхнула стаття No, food is NOT a fuel, написана John Berardi, Brian St. Pierre, та Krista Scott-Dixon.