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Turkey Sorrel Soup. Зелений Борщ.

Turkey Sorrel Soup

I often hear that people say soups are not a part of healthy or clean eating. Why not? It all depends on the way you cook a soup. If you add fatty pork meat as a base, lots of simple carbs (pasta or potatoes) and processed soup flavoring, then, yes it might turn out not that healthy at all. If we talk about canned soups, then, definitely, this is not a healthy addition to your diet. Otherwise, soups that are based on relatively lean meat and filled with veggies create a wonderful way to stay satisfied for longer with no harm to your waistline.

Turkey Sorrel soup, I offer you today, is an example of simple and healthy soup. Plus, it is a seasonal meal. Sorrel gives a tart taste to it. In combination with Greek yogurt, despite the fact you eat a hot meal, sorrel gives you a feeling of refreshing. Exactly what you need in Summer time.

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Chicken Breast Loaf. Хлібець з Курячого Філе та Яєць.

If you follow healthy active lifestyle, then chicken breasts and eggs are quite often on your table . Have you ever thought about combining them together?

Well, let’s try to do this. Actually, I’ve already did, and result came out as protein rich meal, perfect addition to fitness lifestyle.

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Pea Buckwheat Cake. Пиріг із Зеленого Горошку з Гречаним Коржем

pea buckwheat cake

If the weather at your place is cloudy, these days, pea cake will bring some sunshine to your table for sure. It is vibrant in colors thanks to cooked frozen peas and chopped fresh spring onions. Cake has tasty and nourishing flavor mostly because of buckwheat crust combined with creamy pea filling. It is a wonderful lunch or dinner option. This meal is rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber. If you are not used to foods rich in fiber, please watch your portion size. Though, it is going to be hard to do 🙂

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Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing. Полуничний соус до салатів.

Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing


  • 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1/4 tsp tarragon
  • 1/4 tsp honey


Combine all ingredients in blender. Mix until smooth texture is reached.

Goes well with leafy vegetables and grilled chicken. Enjoy!

Here is my video that shows how easy is to make Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing at home.


Полуничний соус до салатів.


  • 1 скл свіжих або заморожених полуниць
  • 2 ст.л. оливкової олії
  • 2 ст.л. бальзамічного оцту
  • 1/2 ч.л. солі
  • 1/4 ч.л. чорного перцю
  • 1/4 ч.л. полину
  • 1/4 ч.л. меду


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