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Chocolate Orange Protein Muffins. Шоколадно-Апельсинові Протеїнові Кекси.

chocolate orange protein muffins

Chocolate itself sounds like a delicious treat and when combined with the citrus, like an orange, for example, it creates even bigger temptation.

The muffin recipe I offer you today contains no sugar, filled with the healthy fats like cacao, coconut oil and avocado, and rich in protein thanks to added whey protein concentrate. If you aren’t a big fan of WPC (whey protein concentrate) you can replace it by extra cacao; and if you don’t want to get overboard with the caffeine, you can add carob instead. Just make sure to reduce the amount of honey in the recipe, if using the last option, since carob tends to make foods sweeter.

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Cacao Pancakes. Какао Млинці.

If you love cooking and making things from scratch, I am sure, you’ve had such times when you used foods you had at home to create a meal. This is exactly what I did with Cacao Pancakes.

They have zero sugar. No eggs. To be honest, they didn’t turn out that much tasty just by themselves, but create a healthy base to your favorite healthy treats, such as nut butter, honey and berries.

Nice fact that there was no one left tells me the recipe is worth the sharing.

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