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DIY:Tahini Paste.Зроби Сам: Тахіні Паста.

Tahini 3TSV

About couple days ago I wanted to make a hummus. I’ve had all the ingredients, except tahini. Without thinking too long, I went to the local fresh market and bought the sesame seeds. Yes, I’ve decided to make my own tahini.

The tahini recipe is really simple and doesn’t take that much time. Besides homemade hummus, you can use tahini in baking the cookies, cooking the noodles, preparing the sauces for meat and vegetables.

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Turkey Sorrel Soup. Зелений Борщ.

Turkey Sorrel Soup

I often hear that people say soups are not a part of healthy or clean eating. Why not? It all depends on the way you cook a soup. If you add fatty pork meat as a base, lots of simple carbs (pasta or potatoes) and processed soup flavoring, then, yes it might turn out not that healthy at all. If we talk about canned soups, then, definitely, this is not a healthy addition to your diet. Otherwise, soups that are based on relatively lean meat and filled with veggies create a wonderful way to stay satisfied for longer with no harm to your waistline.

Turkey Sorrel soup, I offer you today, is an example of simple and healthy soup. Plus, it is a seasonal meal. Sorrel gives a tart taste to it. In combination with Greek yogurt, despite the fact you eat a hot meal, sorrel gives you a feeling of refreshing. Exactly what you need in Summer time.

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Grilled Eggplant Tomato Snack. Запечені Баклажани з Помідорами та Сиром.

Grilled eggplant tomato

Veggies are an important part of healthy eating. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, we all know this. To each of my clients I recommend consume two portions of vegetables with every meal. Yes, that’s 10 portions a day!

Boiled, steamed, baked or grilled, either way they’ll provide benefits to your health and will help you to achieve a slimmer waistline.

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Tomato and Parsley Devilled Eggs. Начинені Яйця.

tomato parsley devilled eggs

The recipe I share with you today could work great as your lunch option. Devilled eggs come in many variations. One of my favorites is Tomato and Parsley flavor, made from sun-dried tomatoes, Greek yogurt (instead of traditional mayo),  French mustard, capers, olive oil and parsley. Very simple to make. The most delicate part of the recipe, take the yolks out 🙂

Tomato and Parsley devilled eggs would work great for those who watch their carb consumption. Made of complete protein, egg whites, and healthy fats, egg yolks, olive oil, and Greek yogurt, they contain minimum carbs.

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