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My 28 Days of Sugar Detox. 28 Днів без Цукру.



Yeah, I am finally writing a summary for my sugar detox challenge that I started on June 11 and ended on July 9, and what a challenge it was… The reason why I started the detox could be found here. The first three days of the detox in details could be found here.

The first week, as I expected, was the hardest one. Cravings weren’t the most difficult part. The biggest challenge for me was to change my habits. For example, before sugar detox, I used to stop at the local grocery store after my training session at gym to buy some post-workout snacks. The snacks, I used to buy, often included fitness bars, filled with lots of sugar. My favorite post-training snack, a banana, was also eliminated during sugar detox, because of the natural sugar it contains. Also, before detox, I had a habit to eat some kind of dessert after my dinner. Often, it was a handful of dried fruits with nuts or home-baked goodies. So, I had to go through some mental discomfort during my first days of detox.

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