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Chocolate Orange Protein Muffins. Шоколадно-Апельсинові Протеїнові Кекси.

chocolate orange protein muffins

Chocolate itself sounds like a delicious treat and when combined with the citrus, like an orange, for example, it creates even bigger temptation.

The muffin recipe I offer you today contains no sugar, filled with the healthy fats like cacao, coconut oil and avocado, and rich in protein thanks to added whey protein concentrate. If you aren’t a big fan of WPC (whey protein concentrate) you can replace it by extra cacao; and if you don’t want to get overboard with the caffeine, you can add carob instead. Just make sure to reduce the amount of honey in the recipe, if using the last option, since carob tends to make foods sweeter.

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Green Energy Bars. Зелені Батончики “Енергія”.

Green energy bars

Hi fitness lovers! How is your energy level? Do you need extra carbs to give yourself boost before training?

I have a healthy option for you, Green Energy Bars. They are based on nuts and dried fruits. They do have protein. Or, if you don’t include whey protein powder to your diet, you can replace it with cacao powder, and they’ll become Chocolate Energy Bars 🙂 The decision is yours.

I love these bars because of their unique flavor. Just imagine how combination of almonds, dates, hemp seeds, shredded coconut, lemon juice and lemon zest might taste like. Yes, only great!

They could be done in less than 10 minutes. Refrigerating for at least 30 minutes before tasting is advisable but who can wait 😉

Because of their very high carbs content I would recommend these bars only to fuel your intense/high endurance training so you don’t get unwanted changes in your weight. Unless, your goal is to gain weight, of course.

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Simple Chocolate Protein Bars. “Скромні” Шоколадні Протеїнові Бари.

DIY Chocolate Simple protein bars

Protein bars are popular among those who follow an active lifestyle. Runners or fitness enthusiasts like to include protein snacks to their diets because of the convenience and easiness. First, you don’t have to cook a whole meal. Second, you can take a protein bar with you wherever you go. The most important, you don’t have to skip your food intake no matter how busy your day might get.

Today, I would like to share a very simple recipe that, I hope, you are going to like because of its simplicity, taste and nutrition facts.

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