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10 Ways to Fall in Love with the Training. 10 Способів Закохатися у Тренування.

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We all know that exercises are a part of a healthy lifestyle. For some people, training is like breathing, a necessity, and for some it is an unattainable task that could be done only by heroes or weirdos who love to push hard themselves and sweat heavily.

If you lucky enough and you do love training, you might want to skip the text below or, simply, read it for fun, and see if any points are suitable for you. If you fall into a category of the people who need extra boost to become more active, please read my tips. I’ve written them based on my experience working with different clients who wanted to lose weight.

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Today is the Day. Сьогодні є Той День.

Working as fitness nutritionist for about a year now, I can tell with a certainty that a big part of being a nutritionist is being a psychologist. In order to help people, I have to listen carefully to what they have to say. Usually, people have to say a lot. What bothers them, what they want to achieve, what makes them happy, what makes them upset, what changes they have tried so far in their diets and how it didn’t work. Also, they share with me their family and work issues. Here I listen carefully too. Both, family and work make a huge impact on client’s success.

As a trainer, I can teach my clients how to eat properly according to their goals but it is up to them to provide the knowledge they’ve just received into life. During the program, I meet the client on a regular basis to track the progress and make the corrections that need to be done. I provide the support and motivation the client requires to continue with his/her health journey. For the 8 weeks clients are under my wing but what happens next? How to continue being successful, when there is no trainer around? Or, maybe, you haven’t even hired a trainer because you want to lose fat on your own. How to be successful here?

In this article, I want to share with you the most important, in my opinion, principle of achieving success in your fat loss voyage. Nothing new here. It is a well known fact, and Dale Carnegie wrote a whole book, based on it, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”.

From nature, people are impatient. If we want results, we want them instantly. Often clients come to me with a question, “What should I do to lose ___ lb ASAP?” These clients want a quick fix. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. If it is, it’s unhealthy.

Good thing, I see more people who don’t mind to wait for their results, since they understand they cannot get into the best shapes of their lives overnight, after eating unhealthy for years.

Yes, that’s the way to go, be patient! The road to getting fitter and healthier body is a rocky road. One week you get a good result, another week not so good, or even bad. And here they come,


Will I get there? Can I do it? Is the program right for me? Should I quit?

People worry a lot. Carnegie was right in his studies. So, what to do in order to stop worries and continue with the (nutrition/training) program and see so much wanted results?

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