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One Month Sugar Detox. Місяць Детоксу від Цукру.

sugar detox 1SV

Today, I’ve started my one month Sugar Detox. What is the reason? Why am I doing it?

First of all, I am not a fan of detox diets. I am positive that human body is doing a great job when it comes to cleaning itself and getting rid of toxins. My personal thought that many detox diets have a bigger chance to harm your body than do any good. Mainly, because they are created only for a short period of time, and often create protein and healthy fat deficiency. Sugar detox, on the other hand, is made to break the addiction not just to lose weight. Sugar addiction is real, and some of us have it, without even knowing. Unfortunately, sugar is hidden in many products we use on a daily basis. Ketchup, mustard, dressings, cereals, protein and energy bars, drinks and so many more. To make picture worse, sugar, as food ingredient, has other names that often mute our alertness.

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