Motivational Monday Post: Back to School. Мотиваційний Пост Понеділка: Повертаємося до Школи.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Frankly, I planned on posting another recipe today, Protein Oatmeal Cookies, to be exact. Despite the fact that those cookies are a ‘life saver ‘ while being on a carb-management nutrition program,  I’ve changed my mind after my morning reading. One of the websites that I read every morning, while drinking coffee, is Inc. I find their webpage informative, motivational  and inspiring. Definitely, a great replacement to my old morning routine, checking e-mails 🙂

This time, Inc. shared an article, written by Jessica Stillman, about online business courses that have high ratings and are free.

As long as I know myself, I've always loved to study. I was an honored student at high school and graduated with a gold medal. I was also a honored student at Lviv Polytechnic National University (Lviv, Ukraine) and graduated among top 5 students of the year. I enjoyed studying English as second language at Triton College (River Grove, IL USA) and Aurora University (Aurora, IL, USA). I have wonderful memories about studying at COD (College of DuPage) (Glen Ellyn, IL, USA) while earning my GED and completing requirements for Dental Hygiene Program. Though, I was successfully accepted to the program, I've had to cancel my entry due to the family issues. I've returned to Ukraine to help my Grandma who wasn't feeling well.

This morning, I’ve applied to 4 out of the 5 courses, mentioned in the article. All of them are offered through coursera, a well-known educational website. The first two of the list, Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects and Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential offer access to all studying materials. Your assignments get grated  but you don’t receive a certificate of completeion, unless you decide to pay a fee (about $50). To the next two courses I’ve applied in the form of audit, which means I’ll have access to the studying materials and some assignments but I will not get grades and certificate of completion. It is fine with me, I want to study for myself, not for an additional line on my Linkedin account. The other two courses are Preparing to Manage Human Resourses and Marketing in a Digital World.

The fifth coursera course that I’ve applied to, wasn’t on Inc. list but it is something that I feel the need to work on Better Business Writing in English.

Today, I’ve completed the first lessons of the courses that have been started. Honestly, I am very excited about it. I know that studying something new is a well-spent time.

So, today’s post turned out to be more about “healthy food” for your brain, not your body :)))

Please share your “healthy food” options for the brain to digest.  Maybe, you want to go back to school 😉


Мотиваційний Пост Понеділка: Повертаємося до Школи


Photo by Dai KE on Unsplash

Українська версія сьогоднішнього поста буде короткою.

Замість традиційного здорового рецепта хочу мотивувати вас до “здорової їжі” для мозгу, а саме до науки.

Так, 1 вересня вже минуло. На вулиці стало відчутно прохолодніше. Саме час засісти зручно вдома, з горнятком ароматного чаю і навчатися чогось нового. Що саме? Вам вибирати. Який б не був ваш вибір, ви будете почувати себе значно краще аніж після засідання за серіалами.

Потребуєте ідеї? В Інтернеті є чудовий вебсайт coursera, який пропонує безліч курсів. Є й дармові варіанти. Так, на жаль, курсів на українській мові я не знайшла, зате є курси з українськими субтитрами :). Хто не шукає, то й не знаходить)

Які ваші ідеї здорової їжі для мозгу?

If you have some time, I would like to hear from you

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